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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Prynt, the smartphone case that will spit out printed photos on the spot has launched on Kickstarter looking to raise $50,000.

While it’s only launching today, it’s not the first time we’ve come across the nifty little gadget for Android devices and iPhones. If Prynt is successful in reaching its goal, the aim is to start shipping the first batches from August this year. The Super Early Bird price is $49.95, rising to around $100 for a standard unit once the early units have been snapped up.

Of course, with you’ll need to keep buying paper too but there’s no print cartridge or anything like that to worry about. Instead, it uses Zink colored paper with ink already embedded.

Packs of paper will be sold at $4.99 for 10 sheets, a spokesperson confirmed to TNW.  The unit is available in pink, white or blue and will work with the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. Paper will be sold in packs of 10 sheets for $4.99, and will be available for purchase from the company’s website or from within the app.

As an extra little twist, there’s also an augmented reality function turns the photos into video clips when viewed through your phone’s viewfinder.

If you like the convenience of  your smartphone camera but have been hankering for a more Polaroid-like experience, this could be worth checking out.

➤ Prynt [Kickstarter] for see more info 

Original News from : http://thenextweb.com/insider/2015/01/27/prnyts-smartphone-case-brings-polaroid-like-augmented-reality-experience-one/

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Offered in red, black, white or pastel blue, yellow, or pink, the oval-shaped Bean sits flat on a countertop and projects sound upward through its speaker grille. The 3.6-by-1.7-by-2.7-inch (HWD) speaker is lightweight (3.7 ounces) and made for easy portability—the included carabiner attaches to its metallic loop. While the Bean is not waterproof, its rubberized shell is ideal for outdoor use. Divoom Bluetune Bean inline

Along the left-side panel, there's a Power button and a Telephone button, and in between them a minuscule status LED. The Power button doubles as the Bluetooth pairing button, and the pairing process was straightforward and quick with our iPhone 5s. A USB charging cable is included, and connects to a covered port along the edge of the device. There's no volume control on the speaker, so you'll need to control everything on your Bluetooth paired device itself.

Charging time is roughly 2 hours, and Divoom estimates a battery life of approximately 6 hours per full charge.

As one might predict upon first glance, the Bean is a distortion factory on tracks with serious sub-bass content, like The Knife's "Silent Shout." The distortion creeps in at moderate volumes, and at high volumes completely overtakes the speaker—but this is what we'd expect from a tiny, $30 device.

On tracks without booming low-end, like Bill Callahan's "Drover," there's no distortion, even at top volumes, and we get a clear idea of the Bean's sound signature: It's almost all treble. This can be good in a certain sense, as the vocals are always crisp through the Bean, and guitar strumming has a nice edge to it, but the mids and lows are almost nowhere to be found—even much of the baritone of Callahan's vocals seems M.I.A. Classical tracks are all treble as well—I could hardly make out the lower register strings when playing John Adams' "The Chairman Dances."

Basically, the Bean doesn't really offer you a great sonic experience—it offers you the ability to take your music with you and listen to it outdoors. The speaker also tends to chop off the very first second of each track that you navigate to—a common issue with cheaper Bluetooth speakers. And if you place your phone too close to the speaker, you can get some static/GSM interference strong enough to compete with the music. This was common years ago, but most speakers these days do a

On tracks with beefy bass parts, it distorts big-time when we venture higher than moderate volume levels, but this is to be expected from such a low-priced speaker. The built-in speakerphone functionality is a plus, and the easily portable, wearable design make the Bean a solid outdoor companion for the budget-minded.

Fabulous little music gem!
Bluetune-Bean is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker
with powerful microphone capability; it works with
iPhone, iPad or any other Bluetooth-enabled devices
the incredible sound quality with such a small speaker.

* Works with iPhone, iPad and any other Smartphone
   and Tablet
* Crystal clear and loud sounds for outdoor use
* Microphone capability makes it easy to take and make
   calls hands free or in a group
* The fun, playful and colorful design makes it can be a
   wonderful gift.
* Each unit comes with a carabiner for hooking on a belt
   loop or backpack

Output power: 3W
Total peak power: 6W
Dimensions: 68L * 45W * 92Hmm
Weight: 107g
Driver Size: 50 mm micro driver
Signal to noise ratio: 75dB
Frequency response: 60-20000HZ
Charging Voltage: 5V
Bluetooth compliant: V3.0
Bluetooth profile support: A2DP Stereo
Battery Capacity: 400 mAh
Battery charge time: Minimum 2 hours

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When learning to craft beautifully lit portraits, there's no better place to start than with classical lighting patterns.These lighting setups have laid the foundation for portraiture since long before photography existed, when master painters relied on them for ideal illumination of the face. There are four traditional lighting patterns: Butterfly, Loop, Rembrandt and Split. Here's how to use these classical lighting patterns to craft beautiful portraits. 


Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of the classic patterns, it's important to know that these patterns are always created by moving the light in relation to the face, not the camera. Ultimately, a key light can be positioned in one of two general ways—to create broad lighting or narrow lighting, also known as short lighting. 

Broad lighting is when the light is positioned opposite the direction the subject's nose is pointing so the cheek that's directed toward the camera is in light, not in shadow. For instance, in broad lighting, if the subject is looking to camera-left, the key light is coming from camera-right. This illuminates a broader swath of face than the other style, short lighting. Short lighting is when the side of the face away from the camera is illuminated, while the cheek that faces the camera is in shadow. 

Broad and short lighting can be employed for many different reasons, but two of the most notable reasons are to provide a slimming effect or to increase drama and mystery. With short lighting, less of the face is illuminated and, therefore, the face will appear narrower. Because the shadow side is more prominent to the camera with short lighting, it adds mystery and drama, as well. As you're positioning the key light to form the lighting patterns outlined below, take note of the ways a broad or short lighting setup changes the impact of the portrait. 


Named for the shape of the shadow that falls directly beneath the nose, butterfly lighting is a great way to make a pretty face look glamorous. In fact, butterfly lighting is also known as Paramount lighting, for the movie studio whose photographers made the style famous back in the golden age of Hollywood. 

Butterfly lighting accentuates cheek bones and jaw lines, and works wonderfully with a subject in full face (turned directly to the camera). It may not be the ideal lighting for a weathered face (though it does minimize skin texture), but for making a beautiful face look glamorous, there's practically nothing better. 

To create a butterfly pattern, position the light source directly in front of and above the nose. A fairly high position is necessary to create the shadow below the nose and chin, but too high will make the shadows too long and remove the catchlight from the eyes. To check the position, note that the butterfly shadow should stop about halfway between the nose and the lip; if it touches the upper lip, the light is too high. Add a white reflector below the chin, and you've modified the butterfly pattern to make it clamshell lighting—a popular setup for beauty and glamour portraits.


This lighting pattern is named for the loop-shaped shadow that falls down and to the side of the nose. This shadow, in the proper form, should be well defined and not spread so far as to disappear into the shadows beyond the cheek and below the mouth. In the right position, this lighting pattern is the foundation for many great portraits, as it's flattering for a variety of faces. It defines the shape of the face, whether round or narrow, and is neither overly dramatic nor flat and plain. 

To turn a butterfly pattern into a loop, move the light source slightly lower and toward the side of the face—say, at approximately a 45º angle. One bit of advice regarding the head position: Choose short lighting with the loop pattern to ensure the shadow from the nose falls visibly on the side of the face that's directed at the camera. This makes it easier to identify and accurately position the loop shadow, ensuring the light is in a position that's generally flattering to the face. 


The Rembrandt lighting pattern is named for the guy who made it famous, 17th-century Dutch master painter Rembrandt van Rijn. Rembrandt employed a chiaroscuro technique that emphasized light and shadow, adding mystery and a bit of drama to an otherwise straightforward loop-style lighting pattern. 

To re-create his approach, simply lower the light source even farther from the loop position, and move it slightly farther around to the side of the head. This will make the loop shadow close across the face and reveal a small triangle of light on the subject's shadow-side cheek. This highlight, ideally, should be about as wide as the eye and as long as the nose, and subtle changes in position of the light source, as well as each subject's unique anatomy, can dramatically change the pattern. Know that the Rembrandt pattern also has a slimming effect—which is frequently useful—and it enhances shape and texture, which often is not.

If you want to up the drama in a portrait, choose the split lighting pattern. Split lighting reveals one half of the face in light while leaving the other in shadow. It's achieved by moving the light still lower and around to the side of the head—roughly 90º from the direction the nose is pointing and about on par with eye level. Feathering the light slightly in front of the subject will help to avoid a hot spot on the side of the face, and a slightly forward source may also make for a more attractive split, as it can allow a hint of light to spill onto the lit-side eye, which is much more appealing than having both eyes in shadow (which will happen if the light is too far back). 

Split lighting is a great way to slim a large subject, particularly against a dark background, where the shadow side can all but disappear into the darkness. It also brings out every texture on the face and adds mystery and drama; whether these are problems or benefits depends entirely on the subject.

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Lisa Holloway might be a super-human. Until we get her near some kryptonite, we can’t be sure, but the self-taught photographer somehow manages to take care of 10 children while simultaneously running a successful photography business.
All the while, she’s stacking her portfolio full of gorgeous natural light portraits of newborns, babies, children, seniors and families.
Many of the images you’ll find on the Arizona-based photographer’s website actually feature her own children. As life became more busy, she chose to make serious cutbacks on the business side and spend more time with her kids. This, naturally, meant capturing more photos of them.

“I want to be able to look into the eyes of my children and see their souls,” she tells My Modern Met. “I think this is why I tend to gravitate more toward quiet, thoughtful expressions than huge smiles in my portraits.”
Some of the portraits are, of course, planned and posed, but those aren’t always Holloway’s favorites. “Sometimes the unplanned, unscripted moments are the most amazing,” she says. “Go into things with an open mind and positive attitude and magic will happen!”
Below we’ve picked out some of our favorite portraits from her portfolio:

To see more of Holloway’s images, be sure to head over to her website. And if you’d like to add her to the list of photographers you follow on a daily basis, you can find her on bothFacebook and Instagram.

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Saturday, 17 January 2015

JJC New LED-8 available in Malaysia , special for Mobile Selfie and Camera Video . 

JJC LED-8 Mini Video Light is powered by eight powerful LED lamps. The LED-8 can be used on most cameras with a standard hot shoe. In addition, it also can be used on a 
phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack. There are three mount holes on the LED-8 bottom for you to choose. 

When powered on, the indicators on the LED-8 back will tell you the residual amount of power. Now JJC LED-8 video light will help you get sharper pictures and videos with better color.
If you press the button, LED-8 will light for 30s then automatically off. 

The lightness is also adjustable to meet your different needs. JJC LED-8 package provides you a USB cable and it will be charged by a PC, laptop, portable mobile 

power or other devices equipped with a USB port, this makes it an environment-friendly product. 
LED-8 body has a in-built over-heat protection system and will automatically off when a high temperature appears. This LED light also features a small size and weight in order to be easily put into a bag for easy carrying. and portable for easy carrying 
Get sharper pictures and videos with better color 
Can be mount to any DSLR with standard shoe
Also allow the use on a cellphone with 3.5mm headphone jack 
Provides you a USB cable to be charged from any USB source 
The lightness is adjustable to meet your different needs 

Size: 70mm x 42mm x 15mm 
Weight: Draw: 2W
Voltage Range: 3-5V
Power Supply: 5V Micro Temperature: 5600K 
Full Charge Time: 2.5 hours through a USB source 
LED Life: Can be repeatedly charged and discharged for 500 times 
Electric Capacity(100% charged): Constantly run for 60 minutes at half brilliancy ; Constantly run for 30 minutes even in the greatest b

Market Price : RM115 ++


Distributor BY : Econ Technology Gadget Sdn Bhd


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