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Thursday, 20 October 2016

We are create a new sales record for the Malaysia KLPF Fair in 2016 .up to new customer base in 200 new register user and increase a sale volume than 2015 .  Thank for customer support and we are promise will provide more good product and service in future

Our Brand in Booth : JJC , FUJITSU , PROOCAM

Sunday, 31 July 2016

The New PROOCAM 50cm X70cm Softbox Lighting & Studio Equipment Kit are available in Famcart Online Store now , Nice for setup mini studio , carry on and Save Cost setup for photo production . 

Some customer also use this lighting for video Film Marker , easy setting and Bulb you can custom buy other E27 mount Brand for fix in  . really nice and easy . 

Product for Product Online seller Malaysia

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Saturday, 9 July 2016

From the Many customer request , when shooting the product no enough bright , no enough budget , no quality picture , than The Proocam EASYGO Light Tent provide you the easy carry and fast shooting system for your product shooting . Low Budget product shooting , Easy carry for studio . 

PROOCAM EASYGO is a portable, convenient and easy to setup photo mini studio that comes with bright LED bulbs It is designed for users who want to photograph small items that look great and appealing such as scaled models, cup cakes, jewellry etc. The LED light is powered via micro USB port using USB power adaptor or power bank, which are generally used to charge up smart phones nowadays. It is also durable and easy to store once folded properly. Now you can take product photos that look professional anytime and anywhere.

Small And Easy carry for travel
Magnetic structure. Simple assembly
Foldable design. Carry it anywhere.
All-in-one portable studio with Led Light (mini studio) easy to use.
Compatible with other digital camera device

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Friday, 1 July 2016

Record Full HD 1080p video with this Class 10 compliant 32GB Ultra UHS-I SDHC Memory Card from SanDisk. With enhanced data read speeds of up to 80 MB/s this Ultra SDHC memory card is designed to suit the needs of compact and mid-range point and shoot cameras. You can also save and store a variety of files such as music, movies, documents and more. The writable label found on the card allows you to write down what is saved to the card while the built-in write protect switch helps to prevent accidental data loss. This card, as with most SanDisk cards, comes shock, temperature, x-ray, magnet, and waterproof to take your files with you nearly anywhere you go.
- Class 10 performance for Full HD Video (1080p)
- Read speeds up to 80 MB/s
- Writable label for easy identification and organization
- Engineered with UHS-I bus architecture
- This SD memory card comes shock, temperature, x-ray, magnet, and waterproof proof
Card Type  :SDHC
Storage Capacity  :32 GB
Speed Class :10
Bus Interface Speed  :UHS Class I
Data Transfer :Read Speed 80 MB/s Maximum
                :Write Speed 10 MB/s Minimum
Durability :Magnet-Proof, Shockproof, Temperature Extremes, Waterproof, X-Ray Proof
Insertion/Removal Cycles  :Not Specified By Manufacturer
Operating Temperature : -13 to 185°F/ -25 to 85°C
Storage Temperature : -40 to 185°F/ -40 to 85°C
JJC MCH Series Memory Card Holders features several individual slots to store your memory cards, which prevents your memory cards from dust and loss. Made of ABS, the holder is lightweight and portable. With compact design, the holder is credit card size. In addition, a hole is provided so you can attach the holder to your keychain. The holder keeps the card securely while allows you to store and remove it with your finger easily. There are memory card patterns on the back of the holder, ensuring that the memory cards are inserted rightly. What’s more, the patterns can be marked and noted in case that you mix your memory cards.
Product Highlights
- Several individual slots to store memory cards
- Prevents memory cards from dust and loss
- Credit card size, lightweight and portable
- With memory card patterns on the back for ease of use and can be marked
- A keychain hole is designed for easy carrying
- Memory cards can be inserted easily and rightly
WeightNet  Weightg 14g
Gross Weightg 16.5g
 Full Size 85*57*4.8mm
SizePackagePackaging type Plastic bag
 Packing size 119*111*4.9mm
Material ABS
Package Including :
2 X Sandisk 32gb 80b/s
1 X JJC MCH-SD4GR Memory Card Holder
Product Code

Warranty Period 10 years
Warranty Type Manufacture

Product Visit: http://famcart.com.my/sandisk-32gb-48mb-2pack-jjc-memory-case.html

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Key Features :
Custom designed to fit Instax Mini 8 Cameras
"Ever Ready" no need to take out the camera when taking photo
Protect your camera and other accessories from dust, scratches and damages
High Fashion and so cute for your camera        
Fit for 
FUJIFILM Intaxt MINI 8 ,7 Camera

Product Code
Warranty Period -
Warranty Type Manufacture

Product Visit: http://famcart.com.my/keep-design-instaxt-fujifilm-mini8-leather-bag-lightbrown.html

Key Features :
Custom designed to fit Instax Mini 8 Cameras
"Ever Ready" no need to take out the camera when taking photo
Protect your camera and other accessories from dust, scratches and damages
High Fashion and so cute for your camera        
Fit for 
FUJIFILM Intaxt MINI 8 ,7 Camera

Product Code
Warranty Period -
Warranty Type Manufacture

Product Visit: http://famcart.com.my/keep-design-instaxt-fujifilm-mini8-leather-bag-brown.html

Our Proocam YUNTU Light tents are commonly used in catalog photography for imaging highly reflective objects such as plastic, glass, and metal. The light tent can also come in handy when an "ultra soft" lighting effect is needed. Illuminated from the exterior of the tent .Reflective objects are best imaged in side of the tent because the surround environment inside the tent prevents image reflections of the room and the photographer. Our Light tent is a perfect studio device that anyone can master and produce catalog style images just like the pros.Just use a Mobile or Camera easy for shooting a Professional Product effect 
SIze : 22.6cm X 23cm X 24cm
Package Including : 
1 X Light Tent With LED Light 
1 X Background White
1 X Background Black 
Product Code
Warranty Period One Years
Warranty Type Manufacture

Product visit: http://famcart.com.my/proocam-yuntu-portable-mini-light-tent-led.html

Proocam PRO-F204  series accessories is designed for the famous GoPro cameras. As you see, GoPro cameras is ideal for taking photos in extreme sports, however you will need some tools to fix the camera to a safe and steady place. Now JJC produce many kinds of accessories to allow you mount your GoPro to tripod, hand grip, chest belt, bicycle, helmet  and so on. Now you will have more fun in your extreme sports. 
Package inclduing : 
1 X Short Screw
2 X Long Screw
Product Code
Warranty Period -
Warranty Type Manufacture
Product Visit: http://famcart.com.my/proocam-pro-f204-screw-gopro-accessories-.html

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